About Us

BENNCH is a sustainable fashion brand which emphasizes on 


A blank canvas with a stroke of red paint

An old hard-bound classic novel which gives away its charms only when the reader flips through the pages

A quiet person in a room full of people whose comfort with their own company intrigues the loudest



BENNCH enjoys the effortless. Each piece of clothing has mute details which does not scream for attention but a shy eye which entails a stare.

The fluidity of design makes every garment very easy to style with wardrobe classics giving the comfort of choice between a morning or evening functionality.

The minimal sculpt of the clothing helps imbibe the personality of the wearer rather than over-riding or over-whelming them. Each step in the design process moves with a vision to make the wearer feel empowered.



BENNCH seeks inspiration from artists who create art as an impulse. A creation of the sub-conscious mind.

The uncontained edges of water, splatter of paint, an uninterrupted brush stroke or the hazy visual memory of a berry bush are few examples of how BENNCH sees the classic polka dots or stripes.

We encapsulate the richness in mundane or the vividness of the easily forgotten on a piece of clothing through our prints.



The foundation of BENNCH clothing is of utmost importance.

Strictly working on materials which are less harsh for the planet, offering pure cottons and sustainable-regenerated fabrics which are hand dyed with care and printed with environmentally kind pigments.

Minimal design sensibilities eliminate the cyclical appeal of a style which are current but not trend based. An endeavor to keep the purchase timeless.